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Languages in Qatar

If you are planning to visit Qatar, then knowing about languages is Qatar is also very important for you. As by knowing about languages in Qatar, You will find out which language you can speak to communicate with the local people of Qatar.

National Language in Qatar

Qatar official languages include just one single language. The national language in Qatar spoken by nationals of Qatar is Qatari Arabic. The dialect used to communicate for Qatar national language is a local one. Qatar gives importance to its every citizen, therefore, for the people who are unable to hear, Qatari sign language is also one of the languages in Qatar. As the number of visitors in the country is rising rapidly, the usage of English has also risen severely. From the languages in Qatar, English is the user as a second language of the state. Due to this high increase, Qatar’s government is taking steps to protect the usage of Arabic in the country, and no lose their charm. Qatar is the state in which people from whole over the world not only visit but stay as well. 

Other Languages in Qatar

Hence, other than English or Arabic there are several other languages in Qatar too that are spoken. These languages compromises of Baluchi, Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu, Pashto, Persian, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, and Bengali. The people who spoke one of these languages are in minorities so you can find them throughout Qatar. Moreover, Qatar in 2012, joined hands with an international French-speaking organization. This promoted the use of French in the country as well. So from the languages in Qatar, you also find some French speaker.


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