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Languages in Serbia

Before moving to Serbia, you must be well aware of the language they used to speak because to know about language is very important without it you can’t properly communicate during your stay there. Basically, a language which is used for communication in Serbia is Serbia. There are other official languages in Serbia also which includes Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Rusyn. Visitors used to speak normally English during their stay. It’s better to have knowledge of languages in Serbia before going there so that you may also have knowledge about that if someone doesn’t know about English there.

National Language of Serbia

Hungarian is one of the official languages in Serbia and in the early days it was considered to be the official one. Now due to arrive for a number of visitors English also included in the official category among languages in Serbia so that visitors could speak frankly and may not find any kind of difficulty regarding languages in Serbia during their visit. Among all languages, in Serbia, the most convenient language used is Serbian which has also been considered as an official language and only 10% of people used to speak other official languages which already discussed above like Hungarian, Romanian, etc.

Languages in Serbia

As per citizens of Serbia this languages is easy to speak and understand many other languages in Serbia suggested as official languages but could not be taken as standard as from the start English and Serbian remained official languages in Serbia in which if we see category wise English adapted due to visitors and Serbian adapted due to official language of Serbia.


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