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Serbia Currency

Whenever we used to plan our movement to any other nation or country, we should get to know about various things before going. We should be aware because we have to be in that country for some time either short/long. Among those things which we should know the most important thing is the currency of that country. So now if we discuss Serbia currency, you should be aware of it.

National Currency of Serbia

Most important about Serbia currency is their exchange rates which everyone must be aware of. Serbia currency is Dinar and is not so much higher currency among all other currencies of the world. That’s why people from foreign countries used to visit Serbia due to lowest Serbia currency and due to those lower exchange rates they can enjoy their stay with a limited amount of budget. If we compare Serbia currency among other currencies as per exchange rates so we will get to know the ratio of the exact rate as per country to country. So here we will about some major countries and their exchange rates in correspondence to Serbia currency. 

Serbia Currency to PKR & USD

Serbia currency used to be denoted as Dinar and if we convert one Serbian Dinar to UAE dirham so it will be 0.036 AED. Now if we have a look about Ethiopian rupees so one Serbian Dinar will be equal to 1.29 PKR. Now if we have a look about Indian rupees so one Serbian Dinar will be equal to 0.71 INR. Now if we have a look about United States Dollar so one Serbian Dinar will be equal to 0.0097 USD.


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